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-- Patented and up for licensing, sale or startup --
! The patent owner of this invention is willing to work with any appropriate business to manufacture this badly needed lifesaver and START SAVING LIVES!!

For decades already an average of 39 kids -- and hundreds of pets, including police k9’s! -- die in US every year in hot cars. 2018 was the worst year ever for child hot car deaths with 54 victims. Second worst year in history: 2019 with 52 casualties. -- Updates on Facebook --

The most reliable, affordable and versatile add-on technological solution out of all products and concepts proposed so far is which consists of 2 pads (see below), requires no installation tools or skills and can be installed in 10 seconds.

Just place Pad-D on the Driver seat and Pad-C on the Child seat:

In any car provided with the device works as follows: anytime there is a child (or anything else) on the Pad-C and the driver reaches her destination an audible or/and visual alarm will remind her that there is something on Pad-C as soon as the driver removes her weight from Pad-D in order to exit the vehicle.

Never Forget Us works for anything placed on Pad-C (laptop, pets, briefcase and so on) inside cars or school buses with any number of occupants and also flawlessly works outside the vehicle (in homes, offices, hotel rooms).

There are three basic ways to try to tackle the problem:

1. Preinstalled technological solutions

In order to comply with the soon to be implemented requirements of the HOT CARS Act some automakers already chimed in:

GMC Acadia -- their reminder uses a questionable "ten minutes" rule and only works "under certain conditions" and "does not actually detect objects in the rear seat." Same story with Chevy. Verdict: highly unreliable!

Bottom line: automakers like GMC, Hyundai and others approaches do NOT comply with the requirements of the HOT CARS Act so they need to go back to the drawing board or acquire an Intellectual Property from outside their R&Ds. That is they can come up with mediocre and costly solutions which can badly damage their business or they can bet on the winning horse:

2. Add-on technological solutions

Evenflo SensorSafe Car Seat: test results show it works only with certain vehicles model 2008 or newer. Parents who own a qualifying vehicle have to dispose of the child seat they used and pay $150 for the new Evenflo.

Sense a Life: I couldn't find any information about its reliability. Requires smartphones and apps for several people. Due to lack of traction the price was recently reduced from $150 to $99.99.

CarEye: It's unclear whether they still have a site. I'm no fan of this type of concept. Price: $150 + subscription fee.

3. Non-technical "solutions"

Safety BIB: Tag.

2 Hot for Tots: Sticker.

The umbilical cord: was invented before by some kid, see HERE.

Even when all new cars will be HOT CARS Act compliant there will still be, for decades, millions of vehicles on the roads manufactured before the requirements (for new vehicles) of the HOT CARS Act kick in. Which means that hundreds of kids and thousands of pets will die in hot cars until ALL vehicles will be HOT CARS Act compliant.


An add-on technological solution will be made available ASAP for all parents, caregivers and pet owners, add-on that works for any vehicle regardless of brand, model or year.

Also: the new vehicles will not come with the child seat installed. The Pad-D can be preinstalled in the Driver's seat but an add-on will still be needed: the Pad-C for the Child seat for the automakers that will choose the most reliable, affordable and versatile technological solution:

On 11/15/21 president Biden signed the Infrastructure Bill into law which includes the Hot car provision passed in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684). The law includes text for (i) new passenger vehicles and (ii) retrofitting the existing cars.

(i) Never Forget Us! (let's call it N4) can be used for all new passenger vehicles and here is why: Different interests tried for years to mandate reminders in new cars but it was a lot of opposition from the auto industry and consumers because the reminders proposed by automakers would add hundreds of dollars to the vehicle's value and the consumers hated the idea of paying more.

IF some of the new vehicles will just sell along with N4, which will cost between $30 to $50, everybody will be happy. Not to mention that unlike the preinstalled reminders that cannot be moved from one car to another, the N4 can be moved in seconds (say grandpa comes to pick up the kid/s for whatever reason but his car doesn't have a reminder while the parents have N4).

Remember: the child safety seats didn’t come with every new car, thus unnecessarily inflating the vehicles’ cost for millions of buyers. The child safety seats are an add-on mandated only for parents of children below a certain age, and nobody ever complained about it. The best way to provide the vehicles with the newly mandated reminder and lifesaver is also an add-on as proved, for decades already, by the child safety seats.

(ii) For retrofitting the existing cars here are the


(1) A reminder for kids in passenger vehicles has just been mandated by law in US, as it has already been mandated in Europe – another huge market! -- and Israel. A mandated by law product is every investor or manufacturer’s dream.

(2) Due to (1) many automakers (GM, Ford, Hyundai, Tesla and so on) designed reminders for some of their soon to come new vehicles BUT those reminders (which are less reliable than mine anyway) cannot be used to retrofit the existing 260.000.000 passenger vehicles already on the US roads.

(3) So even if Never Forget Us! will only be used to retrofit some of the more than 260,000,000 vehicles already on US roads it can easily generate a lot of money, and here is the math: If it covers only 20% of the market will still generate $1.053 Billion. (Please see this slide in my Pitch Deck)


even covering only  5% of the US market would still mean over $260,000,000 profit.

It’s simple math and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And please remember that any company in the world would love to have exclusive rights on a patent for a mandated by law type of product.

-- See the Pitch Deck --

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